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Dev Update: Filecoin FEVM Support & Upcoming Features

Hi folks, this is a quick development update.

I’ve made some under the hood improvements to unblock FEVM support and the Filecoin Hyperspace testnet is now supported in the iOS beta for SealVault. There is no NFT support and no automatic custom token discovery support yet for FEVM due to lack of Ankr Advanced API support. We'll eventually add these through standard Ethereum RPC methods (tracking issues: #112 and #113). If you wanna see other chains supported, please open a feature request on GitHub.

This release also brings increased transaction reliability by using gas oracles to estimate gas fees and gradually increasing gas price allowance to make sure transactions don't get stuck in the mempool.

SealVault is a combination of a password manager and MetaMask and it currently only supports interacting with dapps through so called dapp keys. Dapp keys are externally owned accounts bound to a domain. Dapp keys are cool, because they are secure by default and can do automated transaction approval, but due to how the Ethereum ecosystem evolved, they don’t cover all use cases.

The next step for SealVault is support for connecting keys to multiple dapps (so called cross-connect). Normally wallets support this by having the user review transaction details and offer warnings if something looks fishy. We're trying to do better than this and I'm working on being able reduce transaction approval to sign in and payment decisions where users can trust the outcome (think Apple Pay).

If you wanna try the iOS SealVault beta, you can install the Testflight version here. If you do, please share your experience on Telegram or on GitHub.