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Experiment freely with Web3

SealVault is the first key manager with automated transaction approval. This keeps you safe and gets out of the way simultaneously.


  • Dapp Keys

    iOS app profile view
    You can create keys for each dapp that you add. This mitigates damage from compromised dapps and enables automatic transaction approval. More

  • Multiple Identities

    iOS app profile list view
    Organize your dapps into profiles for isolated identities. More

  • Automated Transaction Approval

    iOS app add dapp view
    You decide which dapp to add, after that transactions are approved automatically. More

  • Move Assets Between Wallets and Dapps

    iOS app token transfer view
    You can also transfer a pre-configured amount automatically when you add a new dapp. More

  • Quick Launch Your Favorite Dapps

    iOS app profile view
    Best-in-class dapp browser with helpful notifications about dapp transactions. More

  • Built for Multitasking

    iOS app open dapp in browser menu
    Open two dapps side-by-side and switch with a single tap while both of them remain connected.

  • Self-Custody Backup

    iOS backup settings
    Automatically back up your keys and profiles to your iCloud Storage. More

  • Multi Chain

    • Currently: Ethereum and Polygon PoS
    • Planned: all the chains 🎉
  • Cross Platform

    • Currently: iOS
    • Next: MacOS + E2EE sync
    • Planned: Androind, Window, Linux
  • Open Source for Real

  • Big Picture

    • General purpose decentralized databases will be ubiquitous in the future.
    • Self-custody of keys is not the default outcome.
    • We need to move beyond the wallet paradigm to realize truly decentralized web applications.
    • Read the blog post.


Install the iOS beta here.

Please reach out on Telegram for support and feedback.